Women’s History Month: Kate (Prichard) is Great

This week we shine the spotlight on Kate Prichard, the woman behind Bee Tutored, the Park Slope, Brooklyn based boutique tutoring company.

Kate engaged Guilty Goose Productions to help Bee Tutored up its social media game. We conducted a social audit and developed a social media strategy that extends their brand and voice to the social channels while considering the needs of her business and bandwidth of her team.

We were so impressed with her moxie that drove her to found her company and her management style that drives the company’s success. 

Learn more about this boss babe below:

 Kate Prichard, Bee Tutored

Kate Prichard, Bee Tutored

Tell us about your business, what is Bee Tutored?

We are a boutique tutoring company, working with students in NYC, Texas & Spain. We provide personalized supplemental help for students K-12 in all subjects.

Why did you decide to start your own business? What the company's birthday?

I am a former NYC Teaching Fellow and taught for the Department of Education for 5 years. I was doing quite a bit of after school tutoring and realized that in my one-on-one sessions, I was able to connect and get through to students much more effectively. My families asked for referrals for tutors for other subjects and I started to connect them to my grad school friends. It seemed quite natural: I simply was filling a demand. I officially created Bee Tutored in March 2007.

Have you always considered yourself to be an entrepreneur?

In a way, yes. I love problem-solving and finding solutions. I also consider myself to be a learner and teacher.

What have been the most rewarding moments if being a small business owner?

Positive feedback from families and students is the most important reward as we can see that all of our efforts have impacted a student in a positive way; not only in their academics but also in their confidence in and outside of the classroom. Team get-togethers are also very rewarding as most of the time our tutors are running around the city and its great to all be in one place together for some fun!

What is it like to be a woman who owns her own business?

It is very nice to have been financially independent at a young age. Owning my own business has allowed me to work hard and play hard. I love traveling and being my own boss has allowed me to live and work in various cities in the US & Europe.

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